Holo-X is a major leap forward in “inexpensive” diagnostic imaging equipment. It looks and operates like today’s portable X-ray systems found in every hospital, clinic, Urgent Care center, and many doctor’s and veterinarian's offices. The cost is also similar, as is the resolution, and the low X-ray dosage (even approved for infants). However, the result is a quantum leap ahead. Its unique real-time wide-frequency detection system captures tissues of different densities (including bones) separately in a single exposure. This allows soft-tissue pathologies like lung nodules, tumors, hair-line fractures, and calcification to be seen separately from bones, eliminating the normal ambiguities of a conventional X-ray that render these important diagnoses difficult or impossible to make. This advantage can reduce misdiagnoses, while helping a radiologist or doctor to plan better for a treatment or procedure. In addition, instead of trying to imagine the 3-D structures from a flat film or monitor screen, Holo-x displays the data as a 3-D image floating in mid-air, without the need for goggles or special glasses. The floating image can be rotated by hand gestures, measured with a ruler, and obscuring bones can be easily turned transparent or erased altogether to reveal hidden pathologies. The Holo-x system can even be used to diagnose Covid-19 at no cost (except for electricity, which could come from batteries) for use in poor countries where a common swab test and diagnosis is too expensive.

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