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How We Cured Cancer in Dogs

Learn how the members of the Holobeam Research and Advisory Team have successfully permanently cured cancer in terminally-ill dogs


Holobeam Products

Patent-Pending Products Being Developed

HET MRI Scanner™

Holobeam’s HET MRI Scanner™ is a super-advanced, silent, instant MRI with cellular resolution and 3-D volumetric video capabilities

HET Scanner™

Holobeam’s HET Scanner™  is an advanced portable scanner capable of detecting and treating disease with cellular resolution and 3-D volumetric video capabilities

Holobeam’s AdvaNan™ Nanoparticles

Holobeam’s AdvaNan™ Nanoparticles can track down and attach to viruses, cancer cells, and other cells for destruction when used with an HET Scanner™  or an HET MRI Scanner™

Our Business Model

To fight various cancers, Holobeam will engage in 6 business sectors

  1. HET Scanner™ Engine and HET MRI Scanner™ Engine Sales

  2. HET Scanner™ and HET MRI Scanner™ Licensing

  3. Software Use Fees (SaaS)

  4. AdvaNan™ Nanoparticles Sales and Licensing

  5. Clinic Management

  6. Treating Cancer and Other Diseases

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An advanced low-cost portable X-ray system with high resolution and low X-ray dosage.  Holo-X™ captures and displays tissues of different densities (including bones) separately, from a single exposure, providing a 3-D image floating in mid-air, without the need for goggles or special glasses.


3-D Holographic Imaging Display

Holobeam is developing a holographic video projection technology that is capable of taking the 3-D image information gathered by diagnostic scanning and displaying it as 3-D volumetric video imagery, floating in mid-air. No 3-D glasses or goggles are needed. A working prototype has already been built. This will greatly improve diagnosis and treatment, including the planning of surgical procedures


Who We Are

Holobeam’s 27-member team includes world-class entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, and engineers, including the inventor of holographic medical imaging technologies, hologram mass-production, and the LCD Projector; the inventor and developers of the MRI; and early developers of hyperthermia for cancer treatment.

Holobeam's Technologies

Over 50 Years In The Making

"Holographic Energy Teleportation" is a completely new process, utilizing completely new equipment, to teleport acoustic or electromagnetic energy waves to one or more chosen locations in three-dimensional space, where the energy appears in an amplified form as a result of constructive interference and coherent intensity amplification (CIA). Areas surrounding the one or more chosen locations where the points of energy appear are mostly or completely devoid of energy as a result of destructive interference.


Acoustic Wave Demonstration

This unique technology has been demonstrated in two different ways. First, acoustic waves were propagated through water by 50 computer-controlled solenoids (wavemakers) located around the periphery of a water tank, 5 feet in diameter. The wave-making parameters were chosen to generate points of high energy by constructive interference at specifically chosen locations in the center of the water tank. These chosen points of high energy formed raised letters (made of water) on top of the water’s surface, surrounded by level water (that was not raised) everywhere else.

A Second Acoustic Wave  Demonstration

A larger water tank, 82 feet in diameter, was similarly addressed with acoustic waves, generated by 168 computer-controlled wave makers located around the periphery of the tank, creating a single spout of water emanating from the center of the tank, rising 90 feet in the air.

These demonstrations show that waves can be overlapped in space with the proper parameters, as explained in the Company’s IP, to produce chosen areas of high energy, surrounded by areas of little or no energy. Based on well-understood physics, this is readily translatable into electromagnetic waves, which will be demonstrated in the next prototype that the Company will produce in the coming year.

90 ft. Vertical Spike Wave in Slow  Mo_2

Proven Cancer Cure in Animals

Most Importantly, members of the Holobeam Research and Advisory Team, under the direction of team member Dr. Jack Hoopes, have successfully permanently cured cancer in terminally-ill dogs using nanoparticles that were heated by externally radiated electromagnetic waves (hyperthermia) in conjunction with targeted x-ray radiation. No detectable negative side effects were produced. Aside from being a major breakthrough for the veterinary market, the Company believes that these results will translate into similarly successful results in people.

You can read the most recently published (2018) scientific paper on this important work by clicking on the button below


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