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X Ray 3D Printer

An advanced portable 3-D x-ray system

Holo-X is a portable x-ray device that takes a single, low-dose exposure of a patient, and yet produces a color volumetric 3-D image, floating in mid-air, without the need for goggles or 3-D glasses. The image can be rotated and different planes or sections of the patient’s image can be erased or made semi-transparent, as if a CT or MRI was used. Images of bones, soft tissues, and other features with different densities can be displayed separately.

Although the produced image rivals a CT or MRI image, it uses a patient exposure with as little as 1/100 the radiation of a CT scan. The system only costs about 1/10 the price of a CT or MRI scanner. The image resolution is 7X better than an MRI or CT image, allowing earlier detection of pathology than can be found with a CT or MRI scan. The 3-D display allows detection of disease pathologies sometimes missed with a conventional x-ray system, providing better patient care, increased treatment revenues, fewer missed treatment opportunities, and reduced mal-practice suits. A quick bedside image can eliminate the need to wait for a CT or MRI suite booking.

Smaller practices, as well poorer countries, can receive the benefits of an MRI or CT scan with only the cost of an x-ray system. Diagnostic accuracy can be better than with a conventional x-ray system, CT, or MRI, allowing for better patient care and institutional financial benefits.

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