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A new cancer treatment protocol

Our proprietary Holothermia treatment protocol will destroy cancer cells, with no serious side effects, by teleporting energy to the cancer cells during conventional therapies. This greatly improves treatment efficacy and safety. Special nanoparticles are used if targeting cells that are too small to image.

How different is it from the traditional treatment protocol? Or how it is making the current treatment procedures better?


Faster, more effective cancer cell destruction without side effects. More complete cancer cell destruction stops metastasis and tumor recurrence.

Technical Specifications

Normally, radiation treatment and chemotherapy causes side effects. With Holothermia, electromagnetic waves are teleported to tumor cells, bypassing healthy cells. Radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy can now be performed much more efficiently without side effects. Blood vessels dilate, bringing more coated chemo molecules to tumor cells and the teleported energy removes the coating only at cancer cells, preventing healthy cell damage. Dilated vessels also hyperoxygenate tumor cells so radiation therapy becomes 3X more effective, while canceling radiation damage to healthy cells by destructive interference. With either therapy, tumor heating helps destroy tumor cells and releases heat shock proteins, triggering the abscopal effect, stimulating the immune system to assist with tumor cell destruction.

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