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Holobeam Technologies

Transforming cancer treatment with medical holography

Unlocking the secrets of HET medical holography

Traditional cancer detection relies on CT/MRI, but by the time cancer is detected, millions of cancer cells will have grown and moved around the body.


Current treatments produce side effects.

Our approach enables us to detect cancer cells much earlier and to kill individual cancer cells without affecting the surrounding healthy cells.

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By leveraging medical holography, we have created a treatment protocol called Holothermia. Using our patented treatment protocol, we aim to treat and cure almost any type of cancer without producing any undesirable side effects.


Holobeam Technologies is creating new possibilities in cancer therapeutics.


We aim to eradicate cancer.
We are advancing a pipeline of promising medical imaging products and therapeutics with a focus on precision oncology.

Family at home

Because you can’t wait.

We are a laser-focused team that’s working on bringing life-changing treatments to patients. Find out how you can support us in bringing our treatment protocol to market.

Who We Are

We are pioneers in medical holography and oncology.


Gene Dolgoff

Founder, CEO, CTO, Chairman


Alan Alfieri

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Endorsed by Experts

From what you’ve done so far, you have a technology that could deliver as much energy as you wanted to, to a highly specified location, which will be very valuable. Because then we could just go burn out tumors left and right,”

- Dr. Raymond Damadian
  The inventor of MRI


“When somebody finds a cancer in your brain, which they can’t operate on… and they’re afraid to put radiation in it… they’ll now be able to focus it right on that point where the cancer is; the rest of your brain will never know that it happened… That, to me, is the big deal… Gene has shown that it will work, that he can actually radiate on a location and kill that location, and everything around that location: no energy at all. …We’re talking about a trillion dollar business here.”

- Dr. Anthony J. Tether
   Former Director of DARPA 
  (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

“The technique that now is being developed by Gene to produce hyperthermic responses within the tumor, without affecting normal tissue… negates all of the other problems that have been associated with the present use of hyperthermia…”

- Dr. Myron Arlen 

Founder of the Surgical Oncology Division at North Shore University (Northwell Health) Hospital
Previously practicing at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Founder and Chairman of Neogenix Oncology and Precision Biologics Inc.


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